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Water has huge benefits for the health and for the wellbeing of everyone. That is why here in Toronto, SOS express disposes of swimming pools, spas, hot tubs and sauna for everyone to treat him and his family with these items. Toronto is a big city, but it doesn’t delay the professionals from this platform to do home delivery and installation.

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Solda Pools

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Swimming pool

You have the advantage to have a home swimming pool available 24/7. When you have one at home, you will perfectly know how swimming pool work. One of the great benefits is to have a specially built room for you, without having to share the pool with others, so you can avoid the normal bacteria and/or fungi in spas and public pools. You would have space for every hour of the day, without the need for a timetable or distance pressures. But if we want at 7 p.m. what we want Diving into the pool on a working day, just put your swimsuit on and head out into the backyard.

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How do you relax in the spa?

A spa at home is soothing, since it increases the endorphin development by the body. These look like opiates; they’re a natural painkiller and offer a feeling of well-being. That’s why we call endorphin « happiness hormone » The effect of hot water on blood circulation allows for exposure to damaged cells through endorphin and other nutrients. Blood pressure decreases and pressures on the heart and on other organs decrease through its operation. Even today the spa tub is very closely related to aromatherapy (essential oil therapy). Hydrotherapy is a perfect complement to this spa treatment. The advantages of essential oils have been known for decades, beyond the rather nice scent diffused in the spa.


It is nice when you mix your shower together with your bathroom. The bathroom is the ideal place to install a sauna at home, because you’ll find everything you need. After your session in the sauna, all you need to do is slip into the cold running water of your shower or bathtub.By installing a sauna in your home, you will have complete control over its maintenance and cleanliness. An advantage of a different kind, and just as significant: installing a sauna heater in your bathroom improves the character of your home. When you sell it, this luxurious touch adds value to it.

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Hot tub

Having a home spa provides some undeniable advantages, as well as the fact that there is no longer any need to fly to take advantage of the facilities of a or thalassotherapy center. The spa is good for wellbeing, it allows relaxation of muscles, helps relieve stress and also increases circulation in the blood. Some home spa models also have massage jets that are effective to alleviate back pain. Then after efforts, the hot tub exercise helps the athletes recover. The home hot tub eventually helps you to spend fun moments with your family or friends.

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