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SOS express offer amongst it services, the possibilities to buy swimming pool, spas, hot tubs and sauna. If you are in Tel Aviv, you can buy these items by contacting the platform. Buying from here is advantageous because they do installation and home delivery. Apart from that, here you have qualified personnel who can give you advice how to use and the maintenance of your hot tub. Buying these items is beneficial for you in the following ways

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Swimming pool

The advantages of using pools are:

Ideal for Kids

The swimming pool with slide is synonymous with fun for kids. Unlike other hobbies spent in front of a computer, they are expected to travel through all aquatic games and adventures, so they get more exhausted during the day and go to bed earlier while relaxing. Additionally, their lung capacity is increased, and the muscles responsible for inspiration and exhalation are enhanced, water exercise is beneficial for children with asthma.

Save money 

A swimming pool to buy is easier to fund and maintain than most people believe. And in the long run, the pools are cheaper than long family holidays and other options for entertainment-and they last longer.

In the healthiest way you’ll have fun

Whatever your age, swimming pool in Tel Aviv is the perfect place for sport. Physical aquatic function is of great benefit to the cardiovascular system and to joint mobility. Swimming is a safe alternative for pool exercise, but not the only one.

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Reduces muscle tension and relieves pain on your body. The weightlessness that you experience when you’re underwater relieves tension in your limbs, strengthens aching muscles and eases movement as opposed to when on land. Additionally, spa treatment through hydrotherapy induces the release of endorphins and serves as a natural pain reliever that further decreases muscle soreness. Incorporating spa day hydrotherapy as part of your wellness break is a perfect way to relax after a day of exercise.


The sauna’s greatest advantage lies in the constant temperature the body is exposed to and the alternation between hot and cold. The hot air causes the blood pressure to increase; the vasodilatation reaches its height… The skin begins sweating excessively, which helps the pores to expand and the body to clean. Conversely, though, the cold shower contributes to vasoconstriction.  This hot / cold alternation strengthens the entire body and helps to reinforce the immune defenses by preparing the body for cold winter weather conditions.

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Hot tubs

In fact, hot water is more powerful in removing excess oil and dirt from the skin surface: the skin is fresh and thus healthier. Hot water also stimulates the formation of pores in the skin. If you particularly enjoy taking care of your skin, then after a hot water bath, the creams will be more effective: the warm temperatures favor their absorption by the skin pores. Get yourself a hot tub for sale on SOS express and enjoy its benefits.

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