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SOS express in its diversity proposes swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, and sauna for the citizens of Singapore to spent relaxing moment with their love one. The advantage of purchasing from here is home delivery and the possibility of buying at any time since they are available 24/7.

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Swimming Pool

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Swimming pool

Swimming pools are enjoyable for people in Singapore because it provide;

  • The sort of physical activity we can do in our pools allows the circulatory system to work better, to have improved physical health and to have greater resistance to cardio respiration. Yet it will also help us improve our self-confidence, because they are not only physical but also emotional functions as they keep us calm, alleviate tension and keep us in a better state of mind.
  • Building a swimming pool is often a big investment and that’s why we always wonder if having one on your property is really useful. If you’re one of those people who are reluctant about getting a pool installed in their garden because of the effort, budget and time it takes, here you have swimming pool Singapore at relative budget.
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Using a spa helps moisturizes the skin at a fundamental level. Although most facials involve basic moisturizer with scrub, the anti-aging facial goes one level wider with both the addition of a facial buffering tool, a Galvanic facial washing device or a hair removal therapy. Exfoliation enables peel away dead cells to expose the underlying, fresher, more youthful skin cells. This method of using spa equipment also helps to boost airflow to the surface of the skin which helps with cellular renovation.


  • Many people love to have sauna at home, because of lack of privacy that exist in wellness centers. The idea of sharing your nudity with a complete stranger in a sauna cabin is far from popular with everyone. The installation of a sauna in the bathroom ensures peace and privacy. You choose who you want to share this moment with: your partner, your family, your friends… Or with just you. It’s all possible!
  • Another benefit of having a sauna at home is that you can use as many as you want. You don’t need to take a car to get there or plan your visit! Do you have insomnia and do you want to relax in the sauna suit? Are you an early riser and would like to enjoy a relaxing sauna at 6 a.m.? A private sauna in your bathroom is a great option.
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Hot tub

The hot tub exercise is a perfect way to promote muscle relaxation, minimize discomfort and decrease swelling: the heat relieves added to arthritic joints. It dilates the blood vessels, and improves painful or damaged tissue irrigation. Furthermore, the hydrostatic thrust greatly decreases the weight of the submerged body, thereby relieving any kind of strain on the body. A hot tub after work has massaging effect blends calming therapy with hot water action: it decreases pressure on the nerves, and accelerates the normal healing process of the body.

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