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Painting and staining in Toronto

Embellish a living space, review the layout of the rooms in the house, and renovate an apartment: the painter can intervene in each of these missions. He knows the latest trends in Toronto, knows how to combine colors and materials, and above all: he knows how to listen to the needs and desires of his customers. SOS express provide specialist in painting and staining concrete work. 

The position of the professional painter

He is good at:

He plans and design

The painter specializes in spatial planning and interior design by virtue of his experience. He imagines and builds living or working spaces for its inhabitants in absolute adequacy, both in terms of accessibility, movement and well-being. Products, methods, styles: to satisfy the needs of its clients, he learns the numerous crafts and construction trades at his fingertips. The painter works mostly with individuals but of course he can put himself at the disposal of professionals. They can be asked to do painting and staining stair which isn’t a problem to them. 

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The Paint Guys

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Home Painters

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Its aim

His aim is to relook the place by making it functional and friendly for use. The profession of painting and staining is distinct from the profession of interior designer in that it can only function on existing spaces: no change in terms of the building layout, or significant construction work.The interior designer must know the future inhabitants well, what they like, what they want, how they work. Even if it is painting or staining cabinet, the painter is a professional listener, who will define with his clients the atmosphere that best suits them.

Its missions / services

With his culture of design and art history, he is THE style advisor and he will be able to organize an entire project in a very particular environment and style, from the dominant color to the furniture found on the markets. Overlapping the couch or sheet fabrics.

The interior designer must listen to his client’s desires, and consider the project’s legislative and budgetary constraints. The painter will work according to his methods from the guidelines drawn up before the project (each one has its own way of working) and will recommend a design that is in line with standards and budget.

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Here are the stages of the interior design project:

  • definition of the project with the client
  • interior layout drawings
  • 3D simulation for validated projects
  • monitors current regulations
  • selection of professionals who will intervene
  • selection of decorative elements, with the client: colors, materials, coatings, furniture, objects
  • works supervision
  • control of the good realization of works and respect of deadlines
  • delivery and customer support

Professionals from this platform pay great attention on details and apply all what wanted by the clients. What make them so popular in Toronto is their taste for manual work and their physical resistance on work. They are dynamic, do serious business, like to do their job carefully, comply with deadlines, maximum professionalism. They are creative and have the sense of aesthete more to this they easily adapt to the environment where they are supposed to work.


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