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Painting and Staining in Tel Aviv

SOS express has always been able to please its customers with their expertise and professionalism on painting with staining. They have muchcollaboration in the domain with the best manufacturers for all of our work in order to give you a global solution that meets your standards perfectly. Their know-how and expertise will fulfill your every need. SOS express is responsible for the finishes of a building’s walls, ceilings, and floors, whether indoors or outdoors. The painter at the house beautifies, cleans and sanitizes the buildings. After all the other staff painters from these platform intervenes on building sites.

SOS express is needed, in addition to painting:

  • Resins
  • Paints
  • place wallpaper
  • carpet
  • Make patina decorations, imitation wood, fake marble, gilding, painted decorations, etc.
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Danny Painting

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House Healing TLV

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H L Painting

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The qualities of a good painter

Doing painting and staining in Tel Aviv and in general doesn’t take place lightly. This career includes proven skills and mastery of certain techniques such as material imitation, panoramic decorations, patina, sheet metal installation… The painter-staining must also be able to do painting and staining kitchen table, lay coatings such as tapestries, wallpapers etc. Here are the qualities required to become a decorative painter;

  1. Ability
  2. Thoroughness;
  3. Creativity ;
  4. Aesthetic sensitivity.

This work also calls for a strong sense of touch. The professional wants to learn how to better guide his clients to bring their dream to life even if it is painting or staining pallets. 

What activities they do before painting?

The house painter conducts a whole set of planning activities before either painting or any other coatings:

  • Scaffolding was erected.
  • Security of tarpaulin furnishings and floors.
  • Safety of site with bodyguards and lifelines against dropping.
  • Preparation of substrates (stripping old paints, peeling off old wallpaper, fixing cracks, grinding, sanding, etc.) to achieve the desired smooth or rough surface (plugging of any holes).
  • Preparation of items to be applied: painting, coloring, resins, etc.-Laying of covers (possibly ensuring surface impermeability and sound insulation).
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Its strengths and skills

The variety of tools and coatings used needs a great deal of experience and skill:-Tool handling: brushes, rollers, brushes, weapons, cutters, scissors, squeegees, electric sawing, sander, etc.-Strong experience of the supports and coatings to be applied (wood types, metals, paint, etc.).Their perseverance on the domain makes them to accumulate experience which makes them expert and well known in Tel Aviv. They observe and listen to directions to follow so as to avoid making mistake during work. Their physical appearance makes them to be resistant to every task that has been attributed to them. They adapt easily to the site where they are called to work since they are from the city. 

Painting and staining work in Tel Aviv work needs certain qualities that can be found on professionals from this platform. They are precise with their work, and pay attention to details and demand of the client so as to satisfy them with their work. They are capable of painting staining treated wood of all types.

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