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Painting and Staining in Moscow

A painting and staining professional’s principal duty is to decorate a room, home, or building’s floor, walls, and ceiling. Indoors and outdoors, he begins by washing, scoring, sanding, and adding a coating to the surface to be handled. Next, he can dress the walls and the exterior with designs according to the customer’s requests. Companies also employ a painter to create a commercial showcase. He designs often quality painting and staining, or works in scenography. The work of painter needs passion, creativity, but you do need to know how to give sense to colors to fit customer’s tastes. He may work alone or in a team according to the location in Moscow.

Skills & actions of painting and staining professionals

Painting and staining brick is well done by professionals from SOS express who are skilled and competent during their work. They are good at:

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  • Knowing the composition and properties of paints for painting and staining a table
  • Mixing with pigments
  • Master the painting techniques, the different materials and the supports used
  • Organizing and prepare the site as well as the equipment to be provided (scaffolding, tarpaulins, trestle table, etc.)
  • Evaluating the condition of the surfaces to be treated and prepare them before applying the coating (washing, plugging holes, pickling, sanding, etc.)
  • Using the appropriate tools for the chosen coatings (rollers, paint brushes, brushes, paint guns, etc.)
  • Mastering the notions of volume, perspective, colors
  • Being able to also install other materials such as wallpaper, parquet, carpet …
  • Informing and advising the client on the techniques or materials to be used
  • Having a good artistic culture
  • Having a good drawing practice
  • Respecting the safety rules (handling of toxic products)
  • Not be subject to allergies (dust, glues, solvents, etc.)
  • Keeping abreast of the latest techniques, new materials
  • Preparing a quote and establish an invoice, manage your budget, organize and provide the necessary equipment on site, supervise a team (if independent)
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Professional framework

The paintersfrom here usually work in construction sites, indoors or outdoors. Through the work done they have built up clientele. They adorn or renovate areas like restaurants, churches, stores, museums or private residences. They are called upon to work according to the instructions of the instructor even if it is to do door painting and staining. They may also be called upon for stage decorations and usually works with the cabinetmaker, the antique dealer, the restorer of art works… It includes the possession of a particular title or a professional practice that is deemed necessary (except for painting work performed in ads or theater scenery).

Their taste for hard work is constantly claimed for their service because they do painting and staining trim. They are very imaginary and creative which is an asset for them. They have a very good sense of aesthetics because they always bring a plus where they are called to serve. Rigor, precision, concern for work is also their strength and is also weapons against competitors. He easily adapts to any task and situation in which he finds himself.


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