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Planning to renew your paintings indoors? You want your floor coverings changed? And rehabilitate your house’s exterior altogether? Yeah, but who should be calling in Dubai? House painter, decorator or facade painter, art has different specializations. SOS express draws up a list of the different works proposed by a professional in painting and staining to help you find your way around. Sometimes, the painter is the last artist to interfere on a site. This will get housing to the final finishes. Yet this technical multi-cap does not only do painting or walls and staining. His skill areas are diverse, ranging from suggestions to make-up of your interior, insulation of your walls, and installation of various covers.

How does a painting and staining professional works

A painting and staining must be professional and methodical in their profession. His ability to arrive on time when contacted is an asset. Let’s read together how a professional in the field precedes.

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Interior painting works

These professionals know that it is importantbefore any job, that he must cover the walls, furniture and radiators first. He must also prepare the supports by scraping them, filling in and smoothing the gaps and cracks. The goal is to create a lasting pose that’s fine. Look out; the painter invoices these treatments to you! When these preparatory works have been completed the painter will be able to move on to the actual works of art. Within these works of art basically revolve around the installation and removal of floor and wall coverings. We suggest you read our guide dedicated to the interior painting work for more information.

Wall covering what benefits 

The painter can intervene in housing as part of a simple renovation, but also as part of a restoration of the premises after water damage.

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Beyond the simple position of painting on walls and ceilings, there different wall covering by the painters:

-Wallpaper / tapestry 

— Wall carpet

— glass sheet

— Plaster

 — Paneling 

But if you want wallpaper installed in your living room, you can contact the painter’s decorator. The painter decorator possesses different skills which are unique to him.

Knowledge of paste, brush, or float paint application techniques

  • Awareness of and compliance with on-site health instructions. Meticulous, precise and versatile, the house painter knows how to adapt to any type of site, work in a team and, by his taste for decoration and his sensitivity to the harmony of colors, advise the client judiciously.
  • The painter will work on any kind of site under the supervision of a team leader, outdoors or within, in homes, offices, shops or public places. Companies are mainly looking for flexible profiles to meet ever more varied demands (decorative colors, floor coverings, glazing, etc.).

Painting and staining plywood and painting or staining bathroom vanity are just a few when we talk of talented professionals. When you give your work to a professional you are assured of quality services for your work. With them, painting or staining laminated floor is just a detail because they do with their eyes almost closed.

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