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The job of a decorator and designer is to encourage the completion of your renovation work. In practical terms, his job is to completely understand your wants and desires and to ensure that your standards are met by the end product. Planning to rebuild? During your renovations, find out how your interior designer and decorator in Moscow can become your best friend!

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To save time and money

Doing business with home decorators and designers from the very beginning of your renovation project would make your life simpler, and at every point of your project you will be assisted by a professional. As you’ll be in good hands, your decorators designer can be entrusted with many stages of the project, thus saving you countless hours. However, if it remains an extra expense to employ an interior designer, his work would encourage you to save money as your renovation work will be better prepared.

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To make informed choices

Home decorators and designers will help you get a better vision. Would you hesitate to count your kitchen counter between granite, marble, quartz or laminate? The manufacturer will describe each of the materials ‘ advantages and drawbacks, and will advise you on the right material for your needs. Often it’s difficult to make those decisions yourself because, unlike the experienced planner, we have our preconceived notions, which doesn’t have a priori. You’ll like his outside perspective, objectivity, lack of judgment and willingness to synthesize your preferences and needs.

To know the latest trends

We want to learn the latest trends in decoration and architecture as we embark on renovations to bring our house up to date. The interior designer is a specialist in decoration and architecture. As well as telling us about the latest trends and the must for every room in your house, he will give you a layout and materials that match your home’s style and architectural design. Finally, decorators and designers of Moscow must ensure that every space is comfortable and harmonious.

To respect your budget

It’s not unusual to surpass the initially designed budget when you decide to do the construction work yourself. While setting and keeping to a budget are often difficult, an interior designer and decorators near me can be of great help. Through helping us to fit our needs properly and by giving us various interesting choices at different prices, a designer helps us to appreciate the budget we have set for us.

To realize the project of your dreams

The role of the designer is to help you make your dream project come true. He should take the time to listen to you in order to know your desires, aspirations and tastes, in order to be able to assist you in making wise choices. The designer essentially ensures the new living room is comfortable, practical, ergonomic and aesthetic.


SOS express has made it possible for the city of Moscow to have decorators and designer via the platform. These specialists are available 24/7 and master the city.

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