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You are in need of a handyman service in Toronto? You have work of maintenance to be done on your green space and you want it to be done in a short delay? Enough with questioning and doubts because SOS express put at your disposal experienced and professional handymen who are apt to do kinds of services in Toronto. Handyman services Toronto is reliable and effective with this platform. Here you should not be afraid of unforeseen circumstances because they are in charge of the agency and it is not your problem. One of theadvantages of hiring handyman services in Toronto is that they come with their tool. 

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Handyman Connection

168 A Oakdale Road, Unit 11 M3N 2S5 Toronto 📞: +1 416 240 8757
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Toronto Handyman

Weston Road and Highway 401 Toronto 📞: +1 416 209 8009
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Handy Dan

94 Gates Ave. Main St. and Danforth Ave. area M4C 1T3 Toronto 📞: +1 416 699 2728
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The work of a handyman 

You are in of a handyman who will help in renovating your electrical installation to a new brand? Contact SOS express for professionals on home gadgets, doorbell installation. If you need a handyman services for seniors Toronto, it is necessary to very with the platform and make sure the recommended handyman is qualified for installing the specific product because some need specialist knowledge on electrical systems. You can also request the service of a handyman to renovate your indoor and outdoor surfaces. Painting a house is a lot of work mostly if the house is used. As a landlord, if you hire a service of handyman from this platform, you should be sure to have a return on investment soon because they do proper and thorough job all over Toronto. They redecorate your house promptly and are equipped with the right equipment such as paint roller, drop cloths, tape ladders etc…

How to hire a handyman online?

Here is the process you should go through.

  • You can call with the provided number or simply use an online booking form. Next, you will be forwarded to a customer service.
  • You will the provide on demand your email, your address, your phone number and most importantly the job required
  • Provide many details on demand about your property in order to have the best customized quote.
  • You will then receive a free estimate on your phone or via email with detail of the service demanded and price. 
  • Be fixed on time and date of the visit together with the payment method
  • Once all this is effective, your reservation will be confirmed and sent by phone and email.

What to consider when giving details on a project to a handyman

  • Be clear on when you want him to start and when you expect him to be done with your project.
  • Be precise on the service you want from the handy man
  • Be clear if you want to add or change existing building on your property 
  • Make sure you get a guarantee in writing

If you need handyman services in Toronto Ontario, same procedure is to be applied and get the best handyman near you. Those who also need handyman services in downtown Toronto can still pass through the platform to hire professionals on the domain.

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