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For better energy management, inspections are cost-effective, which saves electricity bills and a reliable air conditioning unit. An annual maintenance performed by a licensed air conditioning specialist will help reduce your monthly energy bill and prevent earlier than usual breakdowns. It would also be expensive to replace the air conditioner not cooling when hot outside. A trained technician will also identify and fix small issues with air conditioner stops cooling issues by routine inspection, which may develop into larger and more expensive problems if left unnoticed. Even if you don’t suspect an air conditioning system problem, SOS Express heating and cooling experts say it’s a good idea to do maintenance regularly.

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air conditioner repair Toronto

Why will we need to have our air conditioning inspected in Toronto?

How often should air conditioning and cooling maintenance be carried out?ย 

The air conditioner does not cool the whole house

When your air conditioner system is running, it collects dust and dirt in key areas, such as condensing coils and air filters that affect its performance. Because of this accumulation, if nothing is done, your air conditioning system will lose 5 percent of its operating efficiency every year. Which means even if it was clean it could not cool your house as well as it could.

Do preventive maintenance

SOS express provides cheap preventive maintenance contracts under which your air conditioner not cooling well is cleaned and repaired, and your air filter replaced. We provide incentives if you sign up for an annual plan and give preferential preparation to clients who do proactive maintenance during peak times in the event of a crisis.

Manufacturer’s warranty coverage

The supplier promises the most of the newly built air conditioning systems for up to 5 years. Manufacturers however rely on the equipment’s daily maintenance to justify their warranties. You might invalidate your warranty in the absence of such a device and if anything went wrong you could face a large bill.

Extends the life of your equipment

Regular maintenance helps to detect issues before they turn into an issue. Much like getting your car serviced, you do need to maintain your air conditioning system. Problems can be nipped in the bud, reducing the likelihood of breakdowns and costly replacements, extending the equipment’s life and saving you money in the long run.

Improving energy efficiency

Routine maintenance ensures the machine runs as well as possible all year round. Your machine becomes less effective and less robust because it accumulates dust and dirt during the year and the running costs are held to a minimum by daily maintenance.

Improves air quality

Air-conditioning systems remove pollutants from air until clean air circulates in a vacuum. Of this purpose, to reduce any possible health risk, it is very important that filters and ducts are cleaned regularly.

An air conditioner not cooling enough need maintenance and inspection should include;

  • Checking the engine
  • Fan
  • Drain line
  • Coils
  • Operating pressures and temperatures
  • Return and supply lines
  • Refrigerant levels
  • Connections.

If you hire SOS express, you are sure to have specialist who are licensed to avoid the risk of accident.ย 

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