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The principal role of an air conditioner is to control the room temperature. Although it works well generally, some mistakes usually happen this makes it dysfunctions at times. This happens frequently during high heat a cycle that is when it is use mostly. So, in order to use it for long, you should always have it checked by an air conditioning and cooling service in Tel Aviv. With such services, it is much better when you have specialist near you, which is why SOS express has made it possible for the city of Tel Aviv to have experts who can rush to their house immediately they call. They always intervene rapidly making their service which makes their service very demanded and resold in the city.

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air conditioner repair Tel Aviv

When to call for air conditioning and cooling service in Tel Aviv?

When you face each of the following situations;

When your device is not well programmed

Call for assistance when your system is on silent mode or when the ventilation capacity is reduced. This may occur when you programmed your device incorrectly. You may have modified the temperature when trying to find something extreme. It is recommended that you refer to the user manual to test the configuration of the air conditioner. 

A dusty air conditioner 

The air conditioner is reputed to collect dust in the system over time same as a disk. It must be known that the air circulates, and therefore creates the dust that will stay trapped at the air conditioner filter level. It will produce some sort of shutter, preventing proper circulation of the air conditioner cooling fan. And it’s clear the cooling process won’t work properly. For this cause, daily cleaning of this filter is indispensable. These professional of air conditioner and cooling help and you to always clean the condenser mostly in summer with a particular spray on a model with community outside so as to prevent dust.

A compressor failure

The compressor is the air-conditioner engine. The compressor will cause the refrigerant to be compressed in the closed cold circuit that exists, thus raising its pressure and hence, its temperature. By compressing the fluid, it absorbs energy in the form of heat from the available air. If the compressor does not perform its function, then it will penalize a whole portion of the air conditioner cooling system. If the fluid is heated on one side, it has to be refrigerated on the other (and vice versa).

The vent cover is obstructed

Your exhaust canal can be improperly located on mobile air conditioning or its outlet may be blocked. The tube for evacuation must be as straight as possible (no bend too pronounced). There’s no need to cut or expand the canal segment too far. Finally, you do not block the air exit valve to the outside.


It is nice to have an air conditioning cooling at home that works well. That is why SOS express has made it possible for inhabitant of Tel Aviv to not to fear any concern related to air conditioning.

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